Scopri la convenienza di B2meet

Discover the convenience of B2meet

You can use B2meet by selecting the package that best suits your needs. Registering on the matchmaking platform will activate the free package automatically, that does not imply any immediate or future cost. With the free package you can appreciate the potential of the system first hand and decide later which solution is best for you.

In fact, you can decide to purchase the upgrade to a more complete package afterwards, anytime. The cost of the upgrade is equal to the difference between the cost of the package you wish to purchase and your current package.

Every package includes a personalized assistance for the configuration, which consists of a private chat in Skype for 30 minutes during which we will personally follow you step by step. Available in Italian and English during Italian working hours to be arranged.

The newly available Online Meeting feature allows you to start an online meeting with the other party, using your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Live audio and video without the need to install any other app, just click and start doing business live!

Starter P250 P500 P750 P1500 P3000 P5000 Custom
Number of users 40 250 500 750 1500 3000 5000 Your choice
Places 1 1 2 2 3 5 5 Your choice
Actors 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 Your choice
Advertising Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Your choice
Online meeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Your choice
Price Free! € 500 € 1.000 € 1.350 € 2.400 € 4.000 € 6.000 Contact us
Prices in the table do not include VAT. We'll charge VAT only to Italian companies
Do you have a question about pricing? Contact us!

Number of users: the limit on number of users of your package represents the total number of people who can use the system. This number includes all categories of users. You don’t have to worry about this threshold as you can do an upgrade anytime and within seconds you can enter all the users you wish. How to choose the best package for your needs

Places: this corresponds to the number of places you want to allocate to appointments during your event, such as desk registration, matching room, exhibitors hospitality

Actors: the actors are the categories of users you wish to enable to the B2meet system of your event, such as visitors, exhibitors, conference participants, guests.

Advertising: advertising banners shown in your B2meet event page.

There are also supplementary services you can buy associated to any paid package.

3rd level Domain: you can customize the link that allows you to access the homepage of your B2meet event. In this way, the address of the home page of your event (all other links instead will be managed directly by the system) will be, for example, instead of Cost: € 100.

Embedding and API: you can integrate the list of registered users via an API, giving you a complete and functional table with search and sort options. Cost: € 100.

Ticketing: if you want to use B2meet also for attendees registration you can send them a PDF pass with a QR code that can be read with the Android APP that we can provide you directly. Cost: € 100.
The pass comes in a standard template. If you need to use a custom one (your graphics, text and disposition) submit us your draft and you'll get a quote. Custom templates start from € 100.

No advertising: for some packages, the B2meet page dedicated to your event has two spaces devoted to advertising. If you wish you can choose to remove these spaces by purchasing this additional service. Cost: € 50.

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