Come funziona per gli utenti

How it works for users

B2meet allows attendees participating to events to quickly and easily ask for appointments with other participants, granting the privacy of their contact data with the use of the matchmaking platform.



If the organizer uploaded a participant list, each user of that list will receive an email from B2meet with username and password to login to the system


However, participants can also register on their own by filling in the form present on the B2meet page of the event


Participants can choose the person they would like to meet from the published list, selecting a place and time among those proposed by the organizer


One you find the person to meet just select the day and time and send the request with a simple clic


Answering to a meeting request does not require any login. With a simple click in the invitation email sent by the system, the recipient can accept, refuse or suggest a meeting reschedule date


After logging in B2meet each user can access his/her own meeting schedule and export appointments to the desktop or mobile devices



Learn more visiting our support site for users. Just click here