Come funziona per gli organizzatori

How it works for organizers


Insert your event data and, if you like, an image and logo so that your B2meet page will have the same "look and feel" as your website



Choose the actors for your event, such as visitor, exhibitor, speaker and so on



Come funziona per gli organizzatori

If you like, choose the actors that should be public and the ones that should be hidden. For example, if you are a trade exhibition organizer, you should prefer a public list for exhibitors and a hidden list for participants




Assign each actor a hierarchical level (i.e. the right to ask another actor for a meeting or not). For example, you can decide that a visitor can ask an exhibitor for a meeting but not vice versa



Upload a list of users with a CSV file. You can upload the same updated list any time you want, without worring about duplicates



In addition to uploading a list, you can allow one or more actors to register at your event directly with a customized form on B2meet.


Choose the time range for the meetings and set the standard proposed duration



Create one or more places for the meetings so that people will have no doubt about where the meeting will take place


User's data remains only yours


Come funziona per gli organizzatori

With an easy access from your dashboard, you’ll be able to

  • Add, remove, enable, disable users

  • Check the trend of registrations

  • Check the meeting requests and trend of related answers