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Frequently Asked Questions

The B2meet tool is really easy and quick to setup. The time depends on specific choices but in less than 15 minutes you can be online with your own page

We studied the setup process in depth to make it easy and straightforward with clear instructions, step by step. However, if you need help, you can always contact our customer service. We also provide an optional customized assistance via Skype (in Italian or English) for those requiring special assistance
During this promotional period you can have a 30 minutes free Skype chat/call to configure your event or evaluate all available options.
Contact us to schedule a session!

You can setup your own B2meet whenever you want, whereas public visibility will only start from 30 days before the event opening time. If you prefer, you can also publish your B2meet page of the event closer to the opening time

Your event on B2meet remains online for users up to 7 days after the end of your event, but for one year you'll be able to access your admin page

You can upload a users list in CSV format or you can create a registration form and ask people to register on their own

If needed, you can always upgrade your package by yourself paying with PayPal or by credit card

The email address is the unique user ID, so it is not possible to have more than one user with the same email address.

Also using the same email for two people would not allow user to get personal appointments.

The same email address can be used in different events.

Sure. You can decide to publish your event address or not and you can decide if the event page content must be visible to all visitors or only to registered ones

Users data is of exclusive property of the organizer. B2meet manages users data only to provide the service and has no rights on the data

No, they don't. The meeting requests and related answers are sent by the system without showing other email addresses. Only with explicit request by the user, it is possible to add the email address to the message

In your admin page you can manage all the users related to your event, making them visible or invisible. If you need you can also block or delete a user

Yes, features are the same. The limit is in the number of actors, users and places

Yes, it is possible to reschedule a meeting request before or after it has been answered

Sure, B2meet is available and visible on any device without any app

Yes you can show the participant list provided by the system's API

IFRAME integration will be available soon.

If you have a registration system you can import your data with a simple procedure that allows you to upload a standard CSV file

You can use Eventbrite and registrations will be automatically transferred to B2meet, without any manual intervention.

B2meet data is hosted in a first quality data center. B2meet guarantees that each user can only access the data he/she decides to show. We use SSL/TLS protocols to protect data while in transit

You can pay with your credit card o with your PayPal account. If you wish, you can also pay by bank transfer but in this case you'll have to contact us and wait for the amount to be credited on our bank account

No, you only buy the service you need and you'll have to ask for an upgrade

You will receive the invoice within 7 days from payment

You will receive en email with a PDF invoice attached from an Italian company. The invoice will include VAT only for Italian customers

B2meet is available in English and Italian. Each user can choose his/her language while registering and also afterwards. If you upload users list you can choose the default language for each list. You can name and describe your event in any language you want