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Try B2meet

If you are an event organizer you can try B2meet for free


Click here to register as organizer and evaluate the features of our system.
If you want to try the user experience, you can use our demo event, configured as a fair with the following parameters (for your event you can change these and other parameters at your will):

  • Actors: exhibitors (visibile to all) and visitors (visible only to the organizer)

  • Registration: available for visitors, exhibitors were imported from a list in a file (i.e. taken from your management software)

  • Ticketing: in this example the visitor will receive a ticket upon registering to the event

  • Places for the appointments: the exhibitor's stand and a dedicated hospitality

  • Matching matrix: visitors can ask for appointments to exhibitors but not the opposite

You can freely try to ask for appointments to event exhibitors. Our staff will reply to your requests (we suggest to try with three different exhibitors) with different replies (accepting, refusing or suggesting a differen schedule).

Click here to try the user experience